UCAN’s NEW Women & Children’s shelter

Perhaps if you live in the Jamestown NY area you have seen or are familiar with the building that is in the image above. We are super excited to announce that this location (100-102 N. Main St.) is going to be the first official expansion of the UCAN City Mission within Chautauqua County to offer a safe, secure, and support driven emergency shelter for women and children, and not just individuals but families in need as well.

Executive Director Jeff Rotunda has been given a vision to see the services that are currently being provided for men at the UCAN City Mission expand in order that the women, children, and families of Chautauqua County may receive the same assistance in their times of need. To do that there has to be properties purchased so that we can maintain the “safe and secure” aspect of the services that we strive to offer at UCAN. This building located on North Main Street is just the beginning of the vision that Director Jeff Rotunda and the UCAN City Mission Board desire to see actualize. The hope is to see a UCAN shelter located in the North, South, East, and West parts of Chautauqua County in order that any one in need of emergency shelter will not have to be completely dislocated from an area where they may have the most relationships, connections, or other resources available to help them get back on their feet. However, having multiple locations will also allow someone to be able to make the choice to relocate to another area if they think that decision would be in their best interest. UCAN’s role is to afford them the opportunity to make those decisions.

The heart of UCAN is “loving through serving”. And the way we view “serving” is by putting our hand out and saying, “let me help you to stand up”. This is our mentality because it implies effort on behalf of both parties, the one helping and the one being helped. We do not just want to do everything for those we serve. We want to encourage those we assist to make their own positive life choices that lead them optimistically forward knowing that they can confidently walk on their own two feet. We want to be regionally available to anyone in their time of housing need in order that individuals or families may achieve healing and wholeness that result in stability and consistent life choices.

We hope that you will partner with us in this effort through prayer and by sowing into the ministry of UCAN through financial blessing. You can click on the button below to donate and become a member of our support team.

Thank you, and we are so excited to begin this next phase of UCAN’s progression throughout Chautauqua County with you and others like you by our side.

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