We at UCAN believe that REENTRY, is when someone has stepped out of the time and point in life where they are meant to be and need to determine a strategy and acquire the means to reenter their life.

Our hope is that during the period of time that a guest is staying at the UCAN City Mission, that they recognize the temporary nature of their living situation, so that their desire becomes that of preparation for transition. We try and do our best to assist in this preparation process so that when the time comes for any guest of the shelter to REENTER society, that they are in a more secure place than when they exited. We try and help anyone who is willing to let us help, create a plan to move forward into the next phase of their journey. It is our greatest hope that in their time at the shelter, they meet the one true difference maker for their lives, Jesus Christ. No one can prepare them better for REENTRY. Whatever the transition, Jesus can help so that we hit the exact reentry time frame that is necessary for success. Just like a space shuttle has to reenter at the exact coordinates and time through the Earth’s atmosphere, the Lord knows the exact point and time that we are supposed to go from one place in life to next.

(Ephesians 3: 14-21) (Psalm 1)