The United Christian Advocacy Network (UCAN) is by its very name a network of Christian Communities working together to provide a service to those in need. Therefore, we have cultivated many relationships with Churches and Christian Organizations all over Chautauqua County in order to achieve our mission. Part of our great purpose is to help connect any of our guests who are interested and willing to any one of these Church communities for spiritual support and growth. Our greatest helper, our greatest need, and our greatest victory is in the transformational love of JESUS.

“For a command is a lamp, teaching is a light, and corrective discipline is the way to life.” – Proverbs 6:23. We all need teachers, mentors, and coaches. There isn’t a person alive that knows everything. We can all of us benefit from wise council from time to time, and we are all meant to remain a student (disciple) of life, growing in our understanding of how to live better than we did the day, or week, or month, or years before.