We exist to help all those who need to break the cycle of crime, substance abuse, and poverty (life-controlling problems) by promoting positive lifestyle changes through multi-disciplinary programs and partnerships focused on and driven by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We desire to reach anyone who is being held in bondage by the life-controlling problems that have a destructive impact on their lives. Our participation requirement is that the participant has a willingness to change and recognize the importance of making the decision of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. These classes are open to people of all faiths and successful completion of the UCAN program will be recognized when the core classes are completed. Respect of themselves, of others in the class, staff, and facilitators will be expected at all times. 



Decision – I have come to a point in my life where I will finally admit that I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! I make the decision to get serious about recovery! See Joshua 24:15 

Positive Peer Choice – I will surround myself with people who are serious about my life-change and who will encourage me. See Psalm 1:1 

Accountability – I will hold myself accountable for my actions and decisions based on my Life-plan. I will make myself accountable to others who can help me evaluate my progress and help me to be responsible for personal inventory. See Romans 14:12 

Boundaries – I will learn the word “no” and understand that there are people I must not see and places where I must not go. See Jeremiah 5:22 

Consistency – I understand that it’s not how I start my Life-plan that matters, but how consistent I am in the implementation! I realize that recovery and discipleship are for a lifetime. See Matthew 24:13 


Insight Group: Discover the Path to Christian Character

Free To Grow: Overcoming Setbacks and Disappointments

Stepping Into Freedom: A Christ Centered Twelve Step Program

Changing Offender Behavior

Anger: Our Master or Our Servant

Peacemaking: Responding to Conflict Biblically

Jobs For Life

Discovering God’s Way of Handling Money

Godly Parenting

Committed Couples: God’s Plan for Marriage and the Family


Rescue — Pulling people to safety from adverse conditions, and from choices and habits that lead to damaged health and death;
Redemption — Presenting people with a gospel that is about life transformation in Jesus, and the reclamation of His creation;
Rehabilitation — Helping people break the bonds of addiction and desperate behavior, and experience a life of healing and wholeness;
Re-assimilation — Preparing people to dwell in community, and to have meaningful roles that lead to stability and missional living.