We at UCAN believe that REFORM, is when something that’s been broken down is built back up stronger and better than before.

We desire to see the guests of the shelter come to know the truth about whatever tough situation that they may be navigating in life. And that truth is, that we all have the opportunity when broken down and going through trials to be built back up stronger and wiser than we were before. Just like a broken bone when properly mended and fully healed is stronger than its original state. Our lives if we take the time to properly tend to them and allow God to heal what is broken can see full REFORMATION take place. But beyond that, what happens is that we hopefully learn life lessons that make us wiser individuals than we were before, so ultimately we are TRANSFORMED when we are REFORMED. God offers us the opportunity to gain tremendous wisdom through life’s hardest situations if we allow His Holy Spirit to do the mending work.

(Psalm 19: 7-11) (Romans 12: 1-2)