We at UCAN believe that RENEWAL, is something that is old and rundown either from age, neglect, or routine, but is refreshed and given a new state of being.

Everyone suffers from the O.L.D. Virus in one way or another. Perhaps someone is physically old in age or perhaps something we are doing has become an old routine over the course of time. But either way we can begin to become rundown and tired of the “life” that we are leading. God offers us the ability to be RENEWED in our living through joining Him on the path of our right purpose and His plan – Our true life. Everyone has a purpose and plan predetermined for them when God determines their birth. When we are walking out His purpose for our lives we are perpetually RENEWED and refreshed daily to live this life with intention because we are then truly living. Our desire at UCAN is to help individuals to see that their life has a determined plan, and to help them begin down that right path with Jesus – RENEWED by eating the “Bread of Life” and drinking the “Living Water”, the source of all things good.

(Titus 3:5) (Psalm 23:3) (Psalm 51:10)