Here is a perspective for you! Although it is very important to help the mission to continue to operate, is not just money that helps to provide care for the men at the mission. Look at it this way! Think about the things that you use daily that you normally don’t think of or may even take for granted? Things that involve cleaning your home, cloths, yourself and so much more. What about the food you eat and the things you use to prepare it? Let’s also not forget, the much needed, morning coffee and what it takes to prepare this necessity. Now think about what that looks like multiplied by 19. This is what the men at the mission also need for them to move forward. Think about the amount of items or supplies like toilet paper, detergent, copy paper, shampoo and so on that the mission uses daily. It is a lot! But we have been so blessed by the support of the community when it comes to those items being donated! As the sayings goes “it all adds up” and “many hands make light work!” It truly does! We want to thank you all for your support! We also wanted to encourage you to continue to donate as you can. The more that we network together to provide for the needs of the men at the mission the easier the work becomes. In case it has been awhile since you have donated, here it the list of the items that are always needed. Thank you so much!

Cleaning Supplies: Large trash bags          Carpet fresheners        Air fresheners     Dish soap Paper towels           Laundry detergents     Fabric softener sheets Window cleaner All-purpose cleaners   Dish rags/ sponges      Disinfectant spray       Latex gloves Toilet bowl cleaner     Toilet brushes              Bleach             Disinfectant Wipes

Toiletries: Toilet Paper    Travel Size: Shampoo, Conditioner, Soaps, Toothpaste Toothbrushes    Kleenex/ Tissues    Combs       Deodorant Shaving cream      Razors

Kitchen items: 8 oz Coffee Cups        Coffee            Sugar               Creamer (liquid or powder) Cereal (No sugar coated) Salt            Butter            Milk        Napkins Hot Sauce    1 gal Ziplock Bags

Office Supplies: Copy Paper   Envelopes (standard/ business)   Dry Erase Markers Manila Folders    Standard Size Masking Tape   Sharpe Markers